Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Orleans Part 1

Last Thursday, Stephen and I headed to New Orleans for the wedding of a long-time family friend- one of the girls I grew up going to the beach with every summer.  Abbegayle's family is from New Orleans, so that's where we all (my mom, her friends & their kids) headed to celebrate her marriage!  We left Berkley with his grandparents for the weekend & prepared for a fun weekend together.

Stephen and I flew out of Charlotte Thursday morning & arrived in New Orleans in plenty of time to enjoy the warm afternoon & beautiful New Orleans sights.
Thursday evening we headed out to get together with the other friends & family who had flown into town that day.
Later that evening we were fortunate enough to watch Wake Forest play in the NCAA tournament- and win!!  It was an incredible game, and we had a great time cheering on the Deacs (even if they did lose to Kentucky on Saturday).  There was even a local guy in our cab on the way back to the hotel who graciously paid for our ride!
Friday we hung out on the hotel roof most of the morning, and I even jumped in the heated pool.  I sure do love a swimming pool!  (p.s.  It was warm enough outside to be in a bathing suit, yet my mom was still in a turtleneck- classic!)
For lunch we met up with our friends Mike and Brad.  They work in the athletic department at Wake Forest, so they were there for the tournament & had some free time to hang out with us.
Friday night there was a party for all of the guests.  The entire historic Napolean House restaurant was rented out & we all had a wonderful time celebrating together (okay- maybe it was too good of a time)!
Saturday morning, my mom & I went on a carriage ride around the French Quarter...seeing the sights & exploring a cemetery.


Courtney said...

you had SO many fun outfits for the weekend! you are beautiful!

Karamella said...

I would love to go to New Orleans one day! I have been many cool places, but not many in the States, minus NYC ;-), Savannah, Charleston. Chris has been to New Orleans, San Francisco... One day! But for now, I just want to get back to Italy for a few weeks :-(