Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Official!

Our house went on the market Tuesday afternoon!
Yesterday we had two showings, and we had one showing this morning.  
This past weekend we worked hard to get things ready for photographs and the subsequent showings we've had.  I'd say the place looks great & I love the photos.  It made me a little bit sad to consider leaving this house.  I've loved it so much!
It's hard not to get my hopes up when we have a showing, when realistically it will probably take quite a while for our house to sell.  I think it's just taken me such a long time to feel okay about moving, that now I'm just ready to get on with it!
I'll definitely be working on patience over the next several months.
Check out our realtor's site for our listing.

Stephen & I have discovered a lot about each other in the process of preparing the house to go on the market.
#1.  He pointed out that when it's time to "clean up", I decide to start "organizing".  I start organizing & straightening closets & bins and other things that he sees as not-so important.  He's mostly right- I do that 'cause I like it.  I just can't give the same amount of enthusiasm to cleaning the bathroom.
#2.  Now that our house is showing, Stephen doesn't want us to cook on the stove (so it doesn't get dirty, I guess).  Try cooking without using your's not easy.  We're getting take-out a lot these days.  

Good thing we both have a sense of humor about the other's idiosyncracies!


Mama Llama said...

adorable! you will have some Wake resident who loves it! But you have a flat surface stove...they are the easiest to clean?? BUT... maybe stephen could talk to dave about this whole not cooking on it thing, and I could get take out more!

Oh--magic eraser on the cook top. If it is the glass flat surface

Nocturnal Queen said...

You have a lovely home. I hope things go well for you.