Friday, March 26, 2010


It's no secret that my name and fashion are far from synonymous.  
I have very little style.  I don't accessorize well.  
My #1 priority for clothes is that they absolutely must be comfortable.

Due to my complete lack of personal style, I am a marketer's dream.
I walk in a store, see what's on the mannequins and buy it.
If I start picking & choosing clothes from the actual racks, disaster inevitably ensues.

I also have a bad(?) habit I learned from my mother (much to the chagrin of my stylish husband).
When I find something I really like, I buy it in multiple colors. 
Sure, most of you probably do this with t-shirts and the occasional pair of shorts.
I do it with everything- sweaters, jeans, shoes, shirts, skirts, pants, etc.

This brings me to my latest purchase.
Two weeks ago I saw an Old Navy ad on TV, advertising that skirts were $15.
Uh...I love skirts!
Not tight, short skirts- long, flowing skirts.
I. love. them.
So, when I found myself at Old Navy that week, I also found myself purchasing a couple of skirts.
The same different colors.
And I've been wearing them (and washing them) interchangably nearly every day for the last week or so.
There's no way these skirts are going to make it through the summer.  
But oh, how I wish they would!

I've already gone online to see if Old Navy is selling more (just to have some backups), but they're nearly sold out completely.
So, if you're at Old Navy anytime soon & you see this skirt in any color, snatch it for me!
I wear a medium.


Laura Turner said...

Uhh, I'm going to have to head to Old Navy today.

Courtney said...

you're so funny! i bought 2 of the shorter black and gray...LOVE old navy!

heanguy said...

If I may comment, I always thought you had great style.