Monday, March 01, 2010

Celebrating & Mourning

I was gifted with the opportunity of participating in Nanna's funeral & burial services.  I delivered the eulogy at First Baptist and then sang Amazing Grace at the cemetery afterward.  It was such a treat to share with the congregation, what Nanna had taught me.  She was truly an incredible woman.

Click here for a copy of my eulogy.

The entire week was one full of love and comfort as family & friends gathered to celebrate & mourn together.  I believe Nanna would have been pleased.

After the funeral, the church provided lunch for the family.  There we were able to get a few photos of the whole family. 
Standing Left to Right: Lad, Perrin & Cousin Jennifer (their other daughter, Ellie is in the middle on the floor),
John & Cousin Shannon
Uncle Cody & Aunt Betty
Stephen, Berkley, Me and my Mom
Aunt Ziza, Cousin Lucas, Uncle Keith and Cousin Sutton
On the Floor:  Cousin Tripp, Hadley & Jessica

This stained glass window is in the sanctuary of First Baptist Church, Fort Mill.  Ziza Young Mills was my great-grandmother, my Nanna's mom.  I doubt that I will ever be in that sanctuary again, so I wanted to make sure & get a photo of it.
This is my Nanna's living room- painted in a color called, "Peach Whisper"- which she pronounced, "Peach Whispa".

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