Monday, February 01, 2010

What Age?

I'm a bit perplexed today.

I got married at 26- felt like a good age to me...relatively young, but old enough that I had lived a little and experienced life on my own prior to getting hitched. It was the right age for me.
Stephen & I have enjoyed our time together immensely & intentionally waited for 5 years (and would have been fine waiting longer) before adding a child to our family.

However, sometimes I wonder if it's better to have children when you're younger and haven't experienced that much. While there's something to be said for experiencing all you can before you have a child to "tie you down", I think the later you wait, the more you know what you're missing and the more difficult it is to adjust.

Don't read more into this than I'm saying. I love my baby boy & am thrilled to have him in our lives. I'm just curious: Why do I feel like it's better to get married when you're older, but better to have a baby when you're younger?

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