Friday, February 26, 2010


Last week, Berkley & I went down to Pickens, SC for a couple of days.  My dad lives there in the house beside my Granny & Gramps.  My grandparents hadn't seen Berkley since he was very young, and they don't travel well, so it was our turn to visit down there.
Pickens is a small town in the foothills of South Carolina & while it is not particuarly quaint and certainly not fancy, it does have it's charm with folks who've lived there all their lives & supported themselves by agriculture or one of two manufacturing plants in town.  The people there are God-fearing, conservative folks who have old-fashioned values & traditions.  While it may not be my style, it's beautiful to observe.
My dad & I went to the local Hardees for breakfast one morning, and I discreetly took a picture of this man right after he had put his green John Deere hat back on after removing it to say a blessing for his bacon, egg & cheese biscuit.  I thought he epitomized Pickens in many ways.  I kinda wish I'd taken a picture during his (lengthy) prayer, but felt that might have been a bit too intrusive.
While driving to my dad's house from a visit downtown, we saw an old man walking up the street.  Lo and behold, it was my Gramps on his daily 3 mile walk.  Gramps is 87(?) years old & walks this same route every day- regardless of the weather.  It was so special to witness him on this very important ritual.

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