Monday, February 15, 2010

The Party

The party for Catherine & Paul was a success!  The skit all of our moms put together was a huge hit although I didn't get many good pictures of the actual performance.  Paul was quite the trooper & handled the women like a champ!  My mom & her friends also roped me into singing I Love You, I Do (also from Dreamgirls), which was a fun time to let Catherine & Paul dance together and relax.
As the party began to wind down a little, a couple of us got the great idea to push someone in the pool (pretty much an inevitabilty when you have a party beside a pool).  So, right after we pushed my mom's friend Terry in, I got pushed in too.  While I was very surprised, I was not annoyed at all.  Although I've grown up going to the nataborium, I've never actually gone swimming in that pool (and always wanted to as a child).  If you know how I feel about a swimming pool, you know that I was completely happy & in my element.  
We all had a wonderful time and I was quite happy to go home soaking wet.

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