Wednesday, February 03, 2010

January Snow

I love snow.
I don't know why I live in the South because I would be quite content to live somewhere that it snowed every day in the winter. Every November or December I start w
ishing & hoping for at least one good snow. So far, this winter has not disappointed me.
It started snowing last Friday & snowed/sleeted practi
cally all day on Saturday. Since we had taken Berkley out in our December snow, we weren't quite as rushed to get him out in the freezing cold wintry mix, so we stayed in all day Saturday. Our road has a pretty great sledding hill right in front of our house, so we had a great time watching everyone sled from the warmth of our living room.
When it snowed in December the neighborhood kids discovered that we have a great sled we will let them borrow & that our yard is a fun place to play. So, they came back on Saturday- knocking on the door to borrow our sled, and making our yard their playground. In front of our yard we have a brick retaining wall between us and the sidewalk. The kids decided this 4 foot drop would be a great place to build a ramp. So, they packed up the snow to make a ramp from our yard to the street. It was pretty smart and looked fun.
Kids & adults had a great time sleddin
g from the top of our yard down to the road- with only a little bump in between. Stephen tried it out Saturday night, but I never did get around to it (I'm kind of bummed about that).
Sunday, our yard was filled with folks sledding again, and then again Monday kids came back to play. As the snow has melted, I've been shocked that the
ramp has stayed intact and no one has gotten hurt yet.
Yesterday a 13 year old boy came & was so excited from his fun on
Monday that he brought his mom with him. She got on the tiny circular sled with him & they happily slid down the ramp into the now melting street. I couldn't help but think about how great it would be if Berkley will sled with me when he is 13!
I finally got out yesterday & took pictures. Obviously, it is not a winter wonderland around here anymore- it's a land of slush & ice that has frozen and t
hawed over the course of several days. But- here are the pictures of our ramp. I'm hoping we get at least one more good snow this year so the kids will rebuild it & I can actually participate this time!There have been lots of leftover gloves & other winter gear left in our yard!

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