Monday, February 15, 2010

Early Valentine's Surprise

Friday night (after a particularly rough day with Berkley), I was anxiously awaiting Stephen's return from work.  He was later than usual & I just wanted him to be home to comfort me & take my mind off the day I just had.  I just kept waiting & waiting for him to arrive, but the clock just kept ticking by. 
Thankfully, as I was waiting it started to snow (this winter couldn't be more perfect for me), so I sat in the living room & watched the snow as Berkley finally went to sleep.  I guess I had turned away from the window when Stephen arrived, because I didn't see or hear him come in the driveway.
He came in and said, "Courtney...come look at the snow in the backyard- it's so beautiful!"  Well, I'm never one to pass on being in the snow, so I jumped right up.  When we got to the back of the house, he put his hand over my eyes to "surprise" me with the snow.  I should've known something was up.
We walked outside where he let me see what was waiting for me...
Yep!  He bought me a new car!  It's a brand new Subaru Outback (it had a 10 whole miles on it when I got in).  It's the "mom car" I've always wanted.  I love a station wagon!  He did trade in the Jeep (sadness), but it really just isn't as practical at this point in our lives, but we will have a Jeep again one day!
I'm sure there are tons of great things about this car that revolve around things like the engine & safety & important things like that, but let me tell you what I like about it.   It has leather seats, seat warmers in the front, stereo volume & channel changing on the steering wheel and (my favorite part) there are hook-ups for my i-pod that enable me to use it by using the car stereo.
Stephen had me convinced that we weren't getting a new car until next year, & I was trying to be as happy as I could be in our sweet little Civic (which Stephen will now drive back & forth to work in Greensboro) and then he showed up with this great surprise.  
Happy Valentine's Day to me!

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heanguy said...

You'll love the Outback, though I will miss being driven around W-S in the Jeep. Enjoy!