Thursday, February 11, 2010


Sometime in January I got the genius idea of starting a 3rd blog (I know- all that free time I have).  I realized that a lot of my blog posts here were starting to revolve around food, and I thought it might be smart to separate those posts from the others.  
In that same time period I had several friends ask me for recipes of very simple dishes I had made, and I thought having a food blog might be a great way to direct friends to those recipes.  So, I've been keeping a 3rd blog, but haven't really let anyone know about it...until now. 
I tried it for a few weeks to see if I could even keep up with it, and so far I've done a fair job.  After giving myself that trial period, I'm no longer afraid to share this blog with the world. 
I'm using the new blog to post recipes & pictures of easy and fast dishes I make.  I am no amazing chef, nor am I a great food photographer, but I do love to cook & I do love to take pictures of the process.  Besides, having a blog about food encourages & challenges me to make new dishes & not just make the same 5 things over and over again.
If you're looking for ideas for easy meals- check out what I'm cooking.  Even if no one ever reads my food blog, at least I have it saved here & can turn it into my very own cookbook one day!
So- here is the debut of my food blog: Recipes for Life.
If you do check it out, make sure & go all the way to the first post to read more about my reasons & intentions for the new blog.

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