Friday, February 05, 2010


Today is better.
At least, I'm better than today.
Sorry to those of you who were worried.

I definitely feel like a better mom today.
I realize that kids fall on their heads (this is the 2nd time for my boy), but it was just tough to shake that feeling that I shouldn't have let him fall. He hits his head on things all. the. time., but that's usually his own fault!
He's such a tough boy, but I don't want to be the reason his toughness is tested.

As for Nanna- she is having a fairly risky procedure this afternoon- an ERCP- to hopefully remove a gall stone she has that has moved out of her gall bladder into a precarious position. There are many risks with this procedure, but it could also be incredibly helpful. If it is successful, they will also remove her gall bladder (which has several stones) sometime next week.

I never, ever imagined my Nanna being sick. She has been the picture of health for nearly 88 years, and I just never pictured her going through the illness & struggle she has over the last few months. I am praying for peace and comfort- that regardless of the outcome, she would not have to live with a diminished quality of life.

It's hard to be here & not be able to see her or at least be with my mom in this tough time. Since children under 18 aren't allowed in most hospitals right now, I can't just take Berkley with me, so I'm waiting until Stephen gets home from work to decide what to do. I may go down tonight- I may wait until tomorrow. Thankfully, the roads aren't nearly as bad as they could have been with winter storm #3.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers & encouraging words yesterday. I am in much better spirits today. I guess we all have no good, very bad days every once in a while!

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