Sunday, January 10, 2010

Your Grandmother Called

I've been known to do a few things that warrant Stephen saying, "Hey! Your grandmother called and wants her _________ back." That blank could be filled in with the words "hot tea", "cardigan sweater", and a variety of other "old lady" things that I enjoy (One day they will be appropriate, right Cara?!)
The latest habit I have resurrected is my love of cross-stitching. I learned how to cross-stitch in GA's at church (I have no idea how this was connected to a missions project) sometime around 4th grade & have loved it since. I'm not the world's best or quickest cross-stitcher, but it's relaxing & I enjoy it.

I picked out this cute pattern with wild animals on it and figured it would hold my interest & challenge me as well.
I'm not so sure that I'm the kind of gal who actually
does anything with cross-stitched items (pillows, wall-hangings & such aren't quite my style), but it's still fun!


Allyson said...

I'm a fellow Cross-stitcher (and hot tea drinker)! I made both of my girls Christmas stockings, and one of them took me MONTHS. Post the results!

Laura Turner said...

oh man, i too enjoy the guilty pleasures of cross stitching.

Cara Miller said...

Yes!! Yes!! I love this old lady debate! :) Give us 40 years and iPods and blogging will be "old lady." Who could keep up?! Keep on stitchin' Vera! I love the ol' lady in ya ;)

Love & a silver spoon to stir your tea with,