Monday, January 18, 2010

A Visit From "Family"

This weekend, my dear friend Lori and her daughter Ainsley came to visit us from Knoxville. It was such a treat to have them here to hang out with for a couple of days. Lori was one of the few people in the world who saw my "mother" potential long before I did. She's the friend I ran into during my first trip to Babies 'R Us years ago- one of the first things I blogged about here 5 years ago.
I loved visiting with Lori this weekend and Ainsley loved visiting with B
erkley. When he was born, she declared that she was so excited about her new cousin being born. None of have the heart to tell her that she and Berkley aren't actually related. Why bother?
She was so great with him, and so patient when we had to wait
on Berkley to sleep or eat before we could do something fun. She was always trying to entertain him and love on him and Berkley was quite happy to be on the receiving end of all that love. It was precious.
When I worked at West Hills in Knoxville, I spent many lunches with Lori & Ainsley. And inevitably, people at the restaurants all assumed that I was Ainsley's was the blonde hair. Well, the same thing happened this weekend- with a little twist. Nearly everywhere we went, folks saw Ainsley playing with Berkley and said things like, "What a
good big sister!" I guess all that blonde hair made folks think they are siblings, but I would just respond with, "Nope, but she is a great cousin, isn't she?!"
Thanks to Lori & Ainsley for trekking over from Knoxville to hang out with your "family" for the weekend!

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