Monday, January 04, 2010

Talented Friend

Leah and I first met each other as hallmates at Elon our freshman year. Besides the bond of our faith, it's safe to say we also bonded over our mutual love for all things crafty- especially anything involving handwriting!
Leah has gorgeous handwriting, and has started a business around calligraphy, wall murals and such. What a great way to use her talents! Check out her business here.
I just received Leah's Christmas card & was just overwhelmed by how beautiful the envelope was! It was nothing for her to share her beautiful calligraphy to address her cards but it was an incredible blessing to receive it.
If you need any calligraphy done, please contact Leah. I know she (and her work) would be a blessing to you as she has been to me.


Carrie said...

Oh my gosh!! I have been trying to get in touch with Leah for sooooo long! I didn't know if she was married and what her married name might be. Is she on FB? Do you have email for her? I'd love to be in touch with her again!

Carrie said...

I just searched your FB friends and found her there. So glad you posted this! Thanks!

Leah said...

Courtney, you are so kind...and you didn't even mention how late the card was! :) Ugh! Also, I think I can speak for all your friends in saying we love receiving cards from you as well and anything you hand write is always exemplary. :) I believe I still have things you may have done from college for that reason... :) Carrie, I am on fb. Talk to you soon!