Friday, January 29, 2010

Passive Aggressive

It's no secret (just ask SW) that I have a few passive aggressive tendencies.
I could go fairly in depth on the various episodes I have had when that ugly trait has shown itself.
But, most recently and most frequently I have been taking my passiveness out on the Red Cross.
I know. The Red Cross? Seriously?
They are driving me crazy!
Here's the story:
I have been giving blood regularly since I was 18. It has never bothered me, so I have felt it my duty to participate in such a simple way of helping folks. However, there have been a couple of years in which I had to take a break. The first time I went to Kenya I had to wait 2 or 3 years before they would accept my blood. The second time I went to Kenya (& also went to Guatemala that summer) I had to wait a year (I guess they changed the "wait time"). Then, obviously I couldn't give blood while I was pregnant.
Even after the breaks I have given blood regularly, and I think that has led to my demise.
I am on their phone list.
I get calls all. the. time.
They called several times when I was pregnant and after telling them twice that I was pregnant, they finally removed me from the list temporarily, but not before noting my due date. And once September rolled around, they fell into calling once again.

I appreciate a reminder of how important it is to give blood. I believe in giving blood. However, it is just not a top priority right now. It is very difficult to reserve a time to give blood when Berkley is not with me.
Correction... I would find the time to give blood if they would quit calling me.
They call me at least once a week, if not twice.
Sometimes I answer & try to explain that I'm just not able to make an appointment right now (the other thing that makes it tough- you used to be able to just walk in anytime; now you have to make an appointment). Sometimes I get tired of answering & let it go to voicemail- I know it's them when I see that 704 area code out of Charlotte.
I'm over it.
I want to give blood, but now I get all passive aggressive and think, "If you would quit calling me for just a couple of weeks, I would probably get around to it."
It's a horrible thing to be passive aggressive about. People need blood. I'm a universal donor. I'm being incredibly selfish and tacky to do this.
If only they would stop calling me...

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