Friday, January 29, 2010


There are many things that seminary did not prepare me for.
I could write volumes on that topic.

But I realized this morning that one thing seminary did do was empower me.
When I graduated from PTS I felt more intelligent, more compassionate, more globally aware, more connected to God's calling than any other time in my life.

My first church both benefited and probably cringed at my sense of empowerment (not entitlement, mind you- empowerment).

I felt like I could do whatever God wanted me to do.
I felt in tune with exactly what that was.
I felt knowledgeable, gifted, wise, and equipped.
I felt I could preach and counsel and write.

I loved God's people better and deeper and stronger.

My prayer is to once again feel empowered.
Oh Lord, hear my prayer.


Anonymous said...

Courtney, I only know you through your blog, but you provide an amazing ministry through it. God is using you (at the very least to minister to me).

Courtney said...

wow. thank you so much. i am humbled and encouraged by your words. can't tell you how much they mean to me.
Thanks "Anonymous"! :)

Cara Miller said...

This is beautiful :)