Monday, January 25, 2010

Day of Fun at Elon

Last Wednesday, I packed up Berkley in Winston-Salem, and my friend Laurie packed up her baby Holden in Youngsville so we could meet in the middle for a day together. We drove to Elon for lunch & an afternoon of walking & hanging out. It was so nice to be able to meet her & we are looking forward to Berkley & Holden being good friends as they grow older.
We met at the new shopping center in Burlington (holy cow, by the way- we had
nothing when I was in school- now it's like a shopper's dream) & both of us had to feed our boys before we could do anything else. As I fed Berkley I had to laugh at the thought of Laurie & I both sitting in the backseats of our cars feeding our sons. Oh- how times have changed!
After doing a little shopping, we headed to my favorite restaurant in the world- Sidetracks! I always get the exact same meal there...
* chicken marinara fettuccine with the sauce on the side
* herb & spice dressing on the salad
* sweet tea to drink
* blackberry cobbler with ice
cream for dessert
It's a good thing I don't live in Elon 'cause I'd eat there
all the time.

After a good lunch, we took our strollers out for a walk around camp
us. It was Berkley's first exposure to ducks & I think he enjoyed watching the birds swim around Lake Mary Nell (as we watched the college students do their "polar plunge" into the lake that day- although it was about 60 degrees outside...not so "arctic). As our day wound down, we both needed to feed the boys again, so we walked over to my friend Sara's house to give the guys lunch & enjoy a sweet visit with her- what a treat! It was such a beautiful day enjoying time with good friends in one of my favorite places!

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