Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cheer Days

(This post is especially for Leslie & her "love" of cheerleaders!)

My new scanner has afforded me the opportunity to go through a bunch of old pictures that weren't in albums for whatever reason. I recently found a collection of cheerleading pictures from middle & high school. I'm missing 10th & 12th grade pictures, but I'm sure I'll run across them sometime & I'll eventually throw a college cheer picture in too. But here are the pictures I have on hand. You have permission to laugh.
7th Grade 1990-1991
8th Grade 1991-19929th Grade 1992-199311th Grade 1994-1995


Leslie said...

Thanks, Courtney!! I knew you would enjoy Anna's cheerleader pic!!

Kirby 1960 said...

I'd post some of mine, but trust me...they are less-than-flattering.