Friday, December 18, 2009

Last Day

Yesterday was my final day as a teacher at Hanes Magnet School. It was such a good place for me at a very specific time in my journey, but I feel great about moving on.

Below I'm going to post a ton of pictures (bear with me) documenting some of my favorite things over the last two days of class. If you think to pray for these students, that would be a huge gift. All of these children face lives that most of us couldn't even fathom. Pray that God would turn them into who God intends for them to be despite their hardships.

This is how I found my 1st period classroom when I arrived at school. In the foreground is a sweet student named Alexis whom I just loveDavon- I have a deep, deep affection for this child who has too much energy for his own good. How could you resist this cuteness?! Here's his Christmas/goodbye card & a couple of pictures of his adorable smileKeiara- one of the most precious girls you'll ever know. She & I both cried when I told her I was leavingCards from students I had last year and this year- Wendaishia, Kaila, Valerie & LisaSahniel- such a sweet spirit, but a troubled kid. Caprice- this sweet girl whom I had last year & this year. She made this card for me before I left.Chrishawn- Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this child is the reason God brought me to Hanes last year. I can't even begin to write about his story in this space. Ask me about Chrishawn sometime. Pray for Chrishawn when you get a chance. Brando-A fun student from last year and this year; he's not nearly as tough as he'd like for you to think he is!Genesis & Lizette- two of my sweet 7th grade girls3 of my adorable 6th grade boys- Antonio, Anthony & JaraeI love school cafeteria food (I'm weird, I know)and my final meal was perfect! A chicken patty with mustard (no bun), a baked potato, apple crisp and two milks. Yum!My principal is pretty much amazing and has been super-supportive me during my time at Hanes and since my decision to leave. Here is his Christmas card expressing that support.
I let one of my students from last year, Monika (pronounced Mo-nee-ka) braid my hair. We ran out of time & rubber bands for her to do one more than one braid, but I kind of wish she'd been able to do more.

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