Monday, December 28, 2009

Grown-Up Christmas

While it was a wonderful first Christmas with Berkley, it was a great one for me & Stephen as well. I love to give gifts way more than I like to receive them, so Christmas morning is always thrilling to me as I await Stephen's reactions to his gifts.

This year I gave him a backpack he'd mentioned he wanted back in the early fall.
He's also been in serious need of some new ties to wear to work. Stephen gave me some fabulous luggage which I desperately need! Now we just have to plan a fun trip that will require its use!
Each year, Stephen also gives me a toboggan or two (my favorite winter accessory).
We received thoughtful gifts (clothes, books & games) from my mom and then headed to Wake Forest for Christmas with Stephen's parents. His mom & Terry gave us a new television that we will eventually put on our bedroom wall (we haven't had a tv in our bedroom in years). His dad & Kathy gave us a video camera so we can capture Berkley's life (and ours) on film!
We were both so blessed by each other and by our families with such special gifts!

One final photo- Stephen's gift to my mom...her favorite snack- pork skins!

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