Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Friendly Fire

There is only one thing that a member of the Jones family loves as much as food, and that's snow. It's fair to say that when there's snow in Pickens, SC, my dad & grandfather will call to gloat a little, but when it snows here and not there, I'm not afraid to do the same.
So, along with the winter storm we had this past week, I would take pictures on my camera & send them to my dad every few hours. Now that the snow is still on the ground, I continue to send pics to my dad every day as proof that the white stuff is still around and he's still stuck with dreary, cold weather with no snow.
I think he got a little bit tired of my gloating this time.

Here is the picture I sent him of the view out my front door.And here is the picture he sent me back of the view from his.

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