Friday, December 18, 2009

Final Funny Stories

The following conversations happened over the my last week at Hanes Magnet School after telling my students I wouldn't be returning after Christmas.

Anthony: Mrs. Willis, why do you have to stay home with your baby? Why can't you send him to daycare?
Me: Well Anthony, I just really want to stay home & I'd rather take care of him myself than send him to daycare.
Anthony: No, no no, Mrs. Willis. I mean you should send him to a 5-star daycare. You know- the kind where they serve pizza.

Jarae: Mrs. Willis- is your baby mixed or black?
Me: He's white, Jarae
Jarae: Is that all?!

In reference to the picture on my baby blog where Berkley is wrapped up in the doctor's exam table paper:
Davon: Mrs. Willis, why'd you put your baby in a paper bag?!

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