Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Christmas Card Saga

Let me just say that I LOVE Christmas cards. My parents sent them every year since my first Christmas, and I have continued to do so in adulthood.
I love to send and receive Christmas cards, and am inevitably disappointed if I don't receive several each day beginning the first week of December.
So, I am completely humbled, embarrassed and ashamed that I am just now sending out our Christmas cards!
I'd like to give you all of the reasons and excuses that my Christmas cards are being mailed
after Christmas, but regardless it's still pitiful.
Long story short- I wanted a card with all of three of us in the picture- ha! I had no idea how hard that would be (and probably always will be). Once I got that picture (two weeks before Christmas) it took me forever to actually
make the card. I ordered them from a couple of different places from which I had coupons for cheap and/or free cards, but that meant I received the cards on Christmas Eve! Plus, I decided to order stamps online from the postal service instead of waiting in line at the post office with a 4 month old, but instead of the promised "next day" delivery, I didn't receive them until yesterday.
I know...there's still no reason why I shouldn't have gotten them out earlier. I am not proud of this year's pathetic attempt at Christmas cheer. However, the cards are in the mail & will hopefully be in mailboxes before the New Year! I will try to do a better job next year!

So- here are the cards I ordered. The blue card is the one I had the most copies of, but I still thought I'd post the other cards for all to see.

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