Sunday, November 29, 2009

So Close!

We were SO close to having a great Christmas card picture!
We went to get our Christmas tree (Berkley's first!) on Friday afternoon. Initially we were going to go to a tree farm and do it all the "right" way, but the day got away from us. We finally realized that a local tree lot was going to have to suffice for this year.
We picked out our tree relatively quickly & handed the camera to the lot owner. He took a great photo, but it wasn't until we got in the car to leave that I zoomed in and saw Berkley's eyes were clearly being assaulted by the sun.
I guess we'll have to keep trying for a good shot!


Courtney said...

it's still cute! :-)

Katie said...

if we were closer, I'd be happy to take your picture. Yet another reason for me to move to Winston. :)